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Tsukada Kobo 塚田工房

We are an Edo Kimekomi Doll workshop and shop that was founded in 1841. There is also a small museum in our workshop, and you can try various workshops as well. Please make a reservation for the museum and the workshops.



Yakushi-yu百種の日替わり湯 向島銭湯 薬師湯

We are a public bath that opened in 1931. Our bath is the closest one to TOKYO SKYTREE. There are over 100 varieties of medicinal baths that change daily all throughout the year. The water used is natural water from Mukojima. You can come without bringing anything! You can use the shampoo in the bathing area, and we have rental towels available as well. We also sell our own original Yakushi-yu bath additives.



Wagashi Dokoro Nagashima 和菓子処 ながしま

Founded 80 years ago, Wagashi Dokoro Nagashima has been run by the family for three generations. Enjoy handmade Japanese traditional sweets made every day. We also have seasonal products. You can see the TOKYO SKYTREE on the opposite side of the river near our shop.



Meat Shop OMI ミートショップ 臣

Meat Shop OMI has been run by two generations for over thirty years. We offer freshly fried deli items and yummy roast pork.



Small Museum of Books About Glass 小さな硝子の本の博物館

We are a glass workshop in Sumida Ward that was founded in 1922 where glass craftsmen make handblown glass products. We have a wide selection of souvenirs as well. You can freely read 850 books about glass here. You can also take part in a glass engraving workshop (a reservation is required).



Handmade Baked Sweets Shop Olive Tree 手作り焼き菓子の店 オリーブの木

We are a baked confectioneries shop that opened in 2016 near TOKYO SKYTREE. Each sweet is carefully baked one by one. Your family and friends are sure to be happy if you bring our sweets back home or give them as a present.



Oshiage onsen Daikokuyu 押上温泉 大黒湯

We are the closest natural onsen (hot spring) public bath to the TOKYO SKYTREE. You can gaze at TOKYO SKYTREE while enjoying our outdoor bath. You can rent towels, and we also have shampoo and body soap available in the bathing area.



Hair & Make-Up Igre ヘア メイク イグレ

You will feel at home in our salon with a warm, wooden exterior. Our salon is barrier-free, so people in wheelchairs or with strollers can enter easily. In addition to hair styling, we do kimono fittings and make-up as well.



TAIYAKI Kouchan! たい焼き こうちゃん!

We fill our taiyaki (fish-shaped cakes) with our own original handmade sweet red bean jam made with azuki beans from Hokkaido. We also have taiyaki filled with fluffy and rich custard cream that is not so sweet. Our taiyaki have a crispy and thin crust that is not made with eggs.



Mikokuyu 御谷湯

We are a sento (public bath) with a warm atmosphere because we use wood wherever possible. You can enjoy the medicinal bath of the day that uses water from a natural hot spring, as well as a “massage bath”. You can see TOKYO SKYTREE from the window.




We specialize in selling cloth zouri (Japanese-style sandals) made with specialty thread, toe socks and tabi socks (socks that separate the big toe from the other toes; typically worn with zouri). We also hold workshops where you can make your own cloth zouri. We are a 5 minute walk from Ryogoku Station on the Toei Oedo Line, close to The Sumida Hokusai Museum. Every Saturday and Sunday, and the second and fourth Tuesdays, we hold workshops to make cloth sled. For more information, please visit our official online store. DAIDAI TOKYO (online store) https://www.daidai.tokyo




Dedicated to hand-dying, this factory specializes in Edo Sarasa (Chintz) and Edo Komon; the latter consisting of small dots arranged to form larger designs. We also offer factory-direct sales. In addition we offer hands-on experience classes.



Chocolatier KAWAJI ショコラティエ 川路

Our confections consist of a hybrid of chocolate and traditional Japanese patterns. Our best seller is “Amakoji”, which is shaped like a Japanese fan. Our shop is located on the way to the Skytree from Kaminarimon on foot.



Araiyu 荒井湯

Founded in 1950. This public bath was constructed in the Miyazukuri style; a rare historical temple-style architecture. The mural painting on a its bathroom wall was taken from a print by Katsushika Hokusai's "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji (Fugaku Sanjuurokkei)", since Sumida-ward is Hokusai's former hometown. Araiyu offers low-temperature, mid-temperature and high-temperature baths in addition to a daily special herbal bath and a jet-bath. You can enjoy the feel of a traditional downtown Tokyo neighborhood.




Founded in 1951, and beloved in our community, we are a local public bath. We offer 5 different types of tubs: a jet bath, a micro-bubble bath, a high-temperature bath, an electric bath and a cold-water bath. You may also enjoy our sauna, for an additional cost. Patrons may use our free parking, and 24-hour coin laundry. An herbal bath is available every Sunday. *Just a 3-minute walk from Higashi-mukojima station.



Torisho 鳥正

Founded in 1959, Torisho is an additive-free Japanese delicatessen specializing in poultry dishes. Our shop features more than 50 original items from which you can choose. Our best sellers are our Yakitori (Japanese-style skewered chicken), Chicken gyoza and karaage (fried chicken). Our shop is located on the Kirakira Tachibana Shotengai (shopping street) which is also fun for a leisurely stroll. By all means, please drop by.



Narihira Kimuraya 業平 キムラヤ

Founded 65 years ago, Narihira Kimuraya is a producer of handmade breads, beloved by local residents. Our offerings include stuffed breads, pastries, sandwiches and baked sweets. Curry buns, custard-cream buns and chocolate-cream buns place among our bestsellers, but many others are also on offer.



Yoikosha 宵湖舎

A specialty shop of original paper art, which we have coined “Marginal Art”. The works on display - and for sale - include lighthouses, bells and spinning tops. Our smaller artworks make ideal souvenirs to be taken home to your friends or loved ones overseas. We also conduct workshops! Please search for us under “yoikosha” on your favourite SNS; such as Facebook or Instagram.



Ryogoku Menchi 両国メンチ

We specialize in minced meat cutlet and baked donuts, for take-out only. Our handmade goods crafted exclusively from trustworthy ingredients allow you to shop in complete peace of mind. Our shop has garnered much media attention, and our friendly staff await you.



Nakataya Chaho 中田屋茶舗

This Japanese-tea specialty shop has been serving customers in the sumo town of Ryogoku, since 1855. We also sell all required paraphernalia for tea ceremonies. Experiences like tea tasting and tea ceremonies are available upon request. Immerse yourself in the knowledge of Japanese tea. We also feature profiles of foreign visitors to our shop on our official HP. Please check it out.



Mirindo みりん堂

Steeped in history, our sembei (Japanese rice cracker) shop was founded in 1923. We offer a wide range of products, from traditional hand-baked sembei, to more elaborate ones. Our bestsellers are the nuresen (soft wet rice crackers soaked in soy sauce) and our sumo sembei (in the shape of a wrestler’s face, or a referee’s fan). We recommend purchasing them as souvenirs. Please drop in anytime!



Shitamachi Yoitoko シタマチ よいとこ

A hands-on workshop of Japanese culture and cuisine (Washoku). We teach Japanese home cooking which is passed on from grandmothers to mothers, and mothers to daughters. You will learn how to make udon noodles (using flour) from scratch, tamagoyaki (a Japanese rolled omelet) and tempura. We will also teach you how to make dashi broth. You may also experience Japanese calligraphy firsthand.




Koganeyu is a stylish bathhouse (sento) in which various artists are involved. Original Craft Beer is served here. We also offer many non-sento services; such as lodging, a kitchen, and relaxation.



Kobachiya こばち屋

We are a Japanese-style delicatessen specializing in take-out. Dashimaki-tamago (Japanese omelet) and onigiri (rice ball) are standard menu items and are available at our shop every day. Side dishes made with seasonal ingredients are priced in three easy-to-understand categories: 100yen, 200yen, and 300yen. Please come sample some. Enjoy the nearby Kirakira-Tachibana Shopping Street and many fun stores which are trendy for young people.



Misuzu みすゞ

We are a traditional Japanese confectionery store with a long history. Each sweet is carefully handmade by our confectioners. Popular items include Café au lait Daifuku, Nama-Dorayaki, and Nama-choco Dorayaki. Sweets are served chilled. Please enjoy Japanese sweets that allow you to experience the four seasons of Japan.