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At YUDEN CAFÉ, you can enjoy typical Japanese homemade curry as well as salad made with vegetables harvested in Sumida. Our popular menu items are coconut oil scones and buttery mirlitons (almond tarts with apples).



Rushana-tou in Umi no Ieるしゃな島 in 海の家

Our café name, which means “Rushana Island in a Beach House”, was created in the image of a legendary island where wishes come true. We serve food typically found at outdoor food stalls such as fried noodles made with thick noodles and our original angel-shaped satoriyaki (small cakes with various fillings). Anyone and everyone is welcome to come and enjoy our café.



Higashi Mukojima Coffee Shop 東向島珈琲店

"Time, Space and Friends." Our aim is to bond with many people in a comfortable environment. With this in mind, Higashi Mukojima Coffee Shop has been in business for ten years.We were featured in a special ten-page pullout of a café magazine.



Café Sucré 自家焙煎珈琲専門店 カフェ シュクレ

Our goal is to continue making every cup of coffee we serve delectable. We offer around 20 famous brands of coffee from around the world.



Cafe Sabutake カフェ さぶたけ

Our café is a space for the community – everyone from babies to the elderly are welcome. We offer a selection of menu items that are gentle on the body and made with seasonal ingredients. Our space is accessible to people with strollers and people in wheelchairs.



Ikkennya cafe ikkA 一軒家カフェ ikkA

Ikkenya Cafe ikkA is an old Japanese house that has been remodeled into a cafe.We offer black tea, oolong tea and herb tea for you to enjoy.On the second floor, there is a used book store, a candle shop and a gallery in a Japanese tatami room.



Cafe Pa-Pa-San カフェ883

Our coffee is brewed carefully cup by cup using a gold filter. Our meat dishes that are sealed in a vacuum pack and prepared at a low temperature are popular. Our cafe is very close to TOKYO SKYTREE.




We are a paperer shop that also runs a Chinese teahouse. Take your time and enjoy a cup of tea at our teahouse. We have a gallery space where we sell handmade products made from fabric. We are a 10 minute walk from Kaminarimon in Asakusa.




We are a vegan café that does not use any animal products. We use as many organic and natural ingredients as possible. Our restaurant is a former warehouse, and is located right in front of a park.



Panda Juice パンダジュース

Shop locates nicely in front of the TOKYO SKYTREE. You can relax by listening to the stream of the river. Each cup of juice will be made fresh after receiving your order so you can enjoy its rich taste and charge vitamin!



Shigeno Coffee Koubou しげの珈琲工房

It is a small shop with only six seats at the counter. We are a home-roasted coffee shop that is a 3 minute walk from TOKYO SKYTREE. We have 20 varieties of Pour Over (hand drip) coffee, 10 varieties of black tea and 23 varieties of herb tea. You can enjoy homemade sweets here as well.



café Kohana カフェ こはな

Our cafe opened in August 2011. You can have a nice and relaxing time at our cafe. Our house blend coffee uses Toaraco Toraja as a base, and our pasta and curry that are made with vegetables directly shipped from Ibaraki Prefecture are popular.



SUNSHINE STATE ESPRESSO サンシャイン ステイト エスプレッソ

We are a café that serves naturally brewed, high-quality handcrafted coffee. We also serve espresso and homemade sweets. We welcome those who come with children and babies, and we serve caffeine-free coffee as well.



wkwk & coffee ウキウキコーヒー

wkwk & coffee is a traditional coffee shop that is close with the community. We use authentic American milk glass. Our food does not use any additives. All of our food is made in the cafe.



Rcafe 192 アールカフェ 192

Please enjoy our tasty healthy food and organic coffee. Our menu includes vegan and selections for your convenience. Please feel free to enjoy our power outlet and free wifi. Our specious shop can seat up to 52 people, so large groups are welcome. Also, feel free to bring your dogs or other pets, and relax at your leisure with them. We even have a space for you to play with our dogs.



Antique Café Wool Club アンティークカフェ ウール倶楽部

We are a coffee-and-cake specialty shop, opened in 1990; in the Sumo town of Ryogoku. Our decor is crafted around antique furnishings, with your relaxation in mind. A one-minute walk from Ryogoku Station’s east exit.



cafe Norakuro café のらくろ

This coffee shop was founded 50 years ago, in this Japanesque downtown neighborhood. Decorations such as samurai helmets and photos of Sumo give our establishment a distinctly Japanese flair. As we open from 6:30am, our breakfast sets are very popular with guests of local guesthouses and vacation rentals.



Manmaru まんまる

Our shop’s name translates as “a perfect circle” in Japanese. And, befitting of our name, we produce handmade round and puffy taiyaki; fish-shaped confections stuffed with sweet bean curd. Since we do not use lard, our products are also attractive to Muslim people. Our interior is “modern Japanese” and children are welcome. We are also home to a must-see item for Katsushika Hokusai fans. Our toilet is emblazoned with artwork from the Sumida-born Hokusai. Also within close proximity of our shop are the Sumida River, TOKYO SKYTREE and a large shrine.



SEVEN’S CAFE セブンズ カフェ

Open from 8 am. You may choose from three different morning set meals; each including one main, one salad, and one fruit item. Our shop is situated on a historic shopping street and is popular with locals as well. Our espresso machine assures you a genuine coffee, and both our homemade pancakes and parfaits are bestsellers. Please come and relax in comfort.



BERTH COFFEE ROASTERY "Haru" バース コーヒー ロースタリー ハル

Being a home-roasting coffee stand, we also offer sweets. Our well-liked mashed-sweet-bean-paste canelé - with savory butter and vanilla flavors - are only sold on weekends. We pray that many people will enjoy our beverages, so please feel free to ask our staff any questions about coffee.




Our original-blend coffee stands out as a crowd-pleaser, we offer homemade baked goods, and our chock-full sandwiches all come dressed with our celebrated original sauce. Starting from a food truck, we’ve expanded into a small café. A stone’s throw from Tokyo Skytree, we also offer take-out service. By all means, please stop by.



CHILL OUT COFFEE&...RECORDS チルアウトコーヒー&レコード

A small coffee shop that plays vintage jazz and soul vinyl records. We offer drip coffee of various roasts, espresso drinks such as café lattes, and ginger ale made with our original spices. Our homemade baked goods are also quite popular. We also retail selected used records, mixed tapes, and other unique original goods.



TIG CAFE ティーアイジーカフェ

We are a cafe dealing in KPOP idol cup holders. A wide variety of print cakes and food items await you. Tower View Street sits nearby with lovely views of Tokyo Skytree.



Quebom! Riverside Café e Bar キボン! リバーサイド カフェ エ バー

We are a Brazilian cafe run by an established churrasco restaurant. Snacks and drinks are served on a cash-on-delivery basis. Our terrace seating along the Sumida River is quite popular: affording patrons views of the Asakusa district. Please come and visit us.



Mr.Bakeman ミスターベイクマン

We offer seasonal baked goods and coffee. Our original menu item is “Panure”. This crispy pie is filled with red bean paste, cream cheese, and walnuts. A food menu, and cakes, are also available.



PERK SHOP パークショップ

We are run by an architectural design firm that operates a coffee stand and sells plants. We stock specialty coffees from several roasteries. Enjoy a cup of coffee and the exhibitions of artists that are held on an irregular basis.